MPPS, the Medical Professional
Protection Scheme, was founded in 2004 to provide medical professional liability insurance.

Asia Insurance, an reputable worldwide insurance group based in Hong Kong is the underwriter of the scheme and FWD is the sole agency to provide this service.

Important notice pertaining to Medical Malpractice
related Criminal Allegations

For MPPS Certificate holders of Master Contract for HKPDA/GDA

A criminal prosecution with a charge falling within the description “alleging medical malpractice caused by act, error or omission committed by the Insured” will fulfill the notion of a claim described under the Insuring Clause A1.

Pursuant to Insuring Clause A2, the insurer will pay Legal Expenses incurred (with the Company’s consent) in:
defending and/or investigating the claim (after commencement of criminal proceedings);
in Coroner’s Inquest; and
in disciplinary hearings.
There is no sub-limit in the Legal Expenses covered, subject to available limit of indemnity.
However, there is a related exclusion in the policy. Exclusion 3;

“This Insurance shall not indemnify the Insured in respect of any claim against them…brought about or contributed to by the dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious act of the Insured”.

If the Insured is convicted, the insurer will be entitled to recover from the Insured the legal costs paid by the insurer. Any Legal Costs incurred by the Insured at dates subsequent to the criminal conviction will also not be covered under the policy.

For MPPS Private Practice Individual Holders

The insured enjoys the same protection Except that there is a sub-limit for criminal related expenses.


How MPPS give you a better protection

What Clients Say

Testimonials from our current customers

“Thanks to MPPS’s confidence with me I have felt confident working in my public practice here in Hong Kong. I really appreciate this company’s service and insurance company backing. I have decided to stick with MPPS now as I transition into a private practice.”

“I wanted to be protected when I was in my training to become a doctor. With their outstanding price and customer service I have continued to use MPPS now that I’m no longer in housemanship. “

“I had been using another service and the memberships fees were increasing each year because of all the claims from other countries. Since switching to MPPS, I’ve saved money and know I’m supporting practicing doctors here in Hong Kong.”

“Excellent assistance and personalized help throughout the years while working in public and private health. Thanks for insuring me MPPS no matter where I’m working!”