General Manager

Garfield has acted as the general manager of MPPS for five years. She acts as the liaison for the medical professionals, connecting all correspondence and claims between the customers at MPPS to the insurance office at Asia Insurance. Garfield maintains clear communication between the director of MPPS and the other insurance agencies in FWD. Over a dozen companies are under her domain of control.

In her 10 years of work at FWD, Garfield has risen from an introductory secretarial position into the general manager role for the company’s corporation known as MPPS. As a Hong Kong native and graduate, Garfield has many years of secretarial experience in various corporations around the city.

She specializes in coordination of teams and information, and has experience in trading retail from her time in other companies before FWD and MPPS.

Garfield processes the enrollment data and all payments pertaining to our medical professionals’ insurance. Any changes to our medical professionals’ job placements or transfers into the private sphere of MPPS coverage, will be communicated and processed by Garfield’s team. Her personalized touch is a prime example of the transparent communication and relationship focused community service that MPPS provides.