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The following are common questions being raised by members of HKPDA and GDA. If you are in private practice, please refer to separate document.

MPPS is claim made basis insurance, and therefore coverage depends on when the claim is made. For instance, incident occurred in 2019 whilst coverage was $10M, and complaint made in Oct 2020, the new limit ($20M) applies.

We accept applicant who is ‘qualified’ to apply for the HKPDA/GDA membership. Not necessarily a current member of one of the Associations

You are covered for all voluntary works in Hong Kong. No extra premium is required. Members who receive honorarium for a voluntary work does not affect this benefit.

Yes, you are covered during overseas training, for a period of not more than six months. If the training period is longer than six months, you should inform us to obtain prior approval for coverage. There is however no guarantee that will be accepted.

You are covered only if the patient pays to the hospital. If the HA allows you to take up private jobs, you should seek for our scheme for private practice. This often happens if you are part time HA doctor.

We anticipate you will cooperate with the HA in handling the complaint, unless there is indication that HA is not responsible for your acts. Where no indemnity is available from HA to you, our policy will indemnify you.

We suggest you divert the complaint to the HA. If the patient makes a complaint to the regulatory bodies, your employer usually will not respond or assist. We will appoint lawyers to prepare replies to these bodies.

MPPS policy is an insurance contract, all benefits are paid in accordance to the terms and conditions stipulated in the policy provisions.

By virtue of Part 2 in the Master Policy, our policy will cover the legal costs of you in obtaining legal advice and making legal representations at all of the above four occasions.

Claims-made basis means that the coverage is effective if the policy is in force when the incident occurs and when the claim is made. Occurrence basis only requires the policy is in force when the incident occurs.

MPPS is on claims-made basis, but agreed to cover those “insured cases” when the insured ceased to be a Practicing Member of the Association, on condition that he has been continuously insured for five or more years, or paid five years or more premium. Or if the doctor goes private and insured with MPPS private scheme.  Member must inform MPPS as soon as he retires or leaves HA/government.

To establish a case, the claimant must prove on a balance of probabilities that;

1. The treating doctor owed the claimant a duty of care
2. There was a breach of that duty by the doctor
3. The injury or damage suffered was due to breach of duty

Under the common law, it is up to 3 years from the occurrence of the medical mishap. For minor, it is number of years to age 18 plus 3. For adult without mental capacity, there is no limit.

We encourage our insured to report incident to MPPS once aware of any potential allegation for professional mishap.

MPPS does not restrict our member to the form of doing consultation. You must note licensure risk in case you or your patient is cross border.

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