Private Doctors & Other Medical Professionals

Our Coverage

Benefits Provided by MPPS

  1. Claims
  2. Investigations
  3. Disciplinary procedures by the government, Medical Council, Coroner’s court or other official bodies
  4. Preparing for inquests
  5. Examination
  6.  Regulatory Hearings
  7. Criminal proceedings
  8. Indemnity for Good Samaritan Acts
  9. Other proceedings initiated by the Committee of the HA

Advice Provided by MPPS

  1. Medicolegal advisory service
  2. Complaints
  3. Counselling and supports

Our policy provision clearly lays out your protection conditions at the start of your enrollment. Explaining which coverage is provided, the amounts, exclusions and other restrictions. No claim will be based on discretionary judgement.

We cover all medical negligence expenses, not just Good Samaritan Act negligence1. All legal advice and representation is also covered by us. You are protected for up to HK$20 million per year in accordance with your individualized plan. 

As a “claims-made basis” insurance, when an insured member has paid five years of premium or above immediately prior to ceasing to be a member, the company agrees to protect him/her on an occurrence basis in their lifetime for incidents during his/her insured period.

If the insured paid less than five years of premium immediately prior ceasing to be a member, and continued to be insured under our private practice professional protection scheme, the above can still take effect.


Please kindly contact us to obtain a quotation. Our line is available on 2281-3333, or you can email

*If we have any preliminary low-medium risks price range, maybe we can include in here
*1 Please see the list of private doctors we covered worldwide, except US and Canada