Housemen & Other Medical Professionals

Why MPPS? (Houseman Medical Intern/Students)

Asia Insurance, an reputable worldwide insurance group based in Hong Kong, is the service provider for Medical Professional Protection Scheme (MPPS). We have offered protection for housemen for different sectors in Hong Kong since 2017.

Our Coverage

Your houseman status is the start of your medical practitioner career, prior to graduation from medical school. You will be involved in different medical practice rotations which involve similar levels of medical negligence liabilities as a well-trained medical practitioner. To protect yourself, you need a trusted and reputable partner in your career. Housemen are exposed to less professional risk than an experienced doctor, therefore MPPS lowers their coverage limit to HK$5 million at a lower premium of HK$2,100.

With MPPS, insured housemen receives the same coverage as public doctors including coverage for:

  • Legal advice, legal assistance and indemnity for all claims including medical negligence and Good Samaritan acts
  • Overseas training for up to six months
  • Voluntary medical work within Hong Kong

For more information, new houseman applications may read the “Letter to New Doctors” from Dr Pierre Chan.